Get ready to hike

Zmeu is an interactive hiking map & planner for iPhone and iPad

Zmeu looks after you

  • data from OpenStreetMap with additional manual curation and validation against official sources1,3
  • available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • designed by hikers for hikers!

Plan your trip

  • see the length and intermediary points of each route
  • see the elevation profile, total ascent and descent, time and calories estimates for all hiking routes
  • measure distance and time along existing hiking routes between any points you choose
  • see the altitude and geographic coordinates of any point on any hiking route
  • get driving directions to parking places
  • find hidden places and routes (unknown to Google Maps)

While you hike

  • see the remaining time and distance to any location or dropped pin, even offline; tap on it for directions
  • hiking routes, attractions and distance measurement are available even in Offline mode2
  • see your map location, geographic coordinates and altitude
  • send your position on the map to friends
  • see your battery level, get warnings and tips about saving it

Zmeu was featured on

#1 App on the Finnish App Store (30.07.2016)

By using Zmeu you support further development! We are very grateful for any comments, feedback and ideas for new features sent to

1 Zmeu uses data that is © OpenStreetMaps contributors. See the full legal information.
2 Routes and points of interest are always stored in the phone memory. An internet connection is required for the background map tiles, the FLYOVER mode, and for getting driving directions to parking places (via the Apple Maps app).
3 Zmeu is not affiliated with Metsähallitus.
4 By Juha Pesonen/Panoraamakuvat, Hannu Väistö/Dataratas and Anssi Riihiaho/Metsähallitus via
5 Linked from
Requires the Pro Pass, available as an In-App purchase.